Sunday, December 10, 2006

Spotting Fakes: Nike Dunk "Send Help" (305050-014)

Target Shoe: Nike Dunk High Pro SB "Send Help" (305050-014)

I recently had a friend buy some Send Help's from a guy on eBay with 1000+ positive feedback and 100% at that. He bought them under $150 and swore to me that the joints weren't fake, so I sent him the link below and the following day he called me and thanked me because the shoes turned out to be fake.

A little background behind the shoe and artist the shoe the "Send Help" a.k.a. 'Todd' Dunk (who the fcuk calls them that), colors and sock liner artwork was done by Todd Bratrud head graphic artist from Consolidated Skateboards. Todd is highlighted in the Skateboard art book 'Disposable' and you can check him on Myspace by clicking here. Ironically, Consolidated actually did an anti-Nike Skateboarding campaign "Don't Do It" awhile back (seems still active), but it seems as they changed their mind (maybe).

The shoes original retailed $150-200, so if you spot them in or around this price range their probably fake. These are one of the shoes I missed out on because I didn't like color-way when they dropped, I regret missing out.

Anyway check the guide at:

[ SOLE CHECK ] via


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