Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Che's Super Hype

I get sizzled when I see people rockin' Che Guevara and don't know who the fuck he is! Do your fucking research or at least read a book or something. I believe people are in love with his image as a retro revolutionary rock-staralmost, but have no clue of what he actually stood for, his struggle, why people didn't like him, and how he changed history. Anyway this poster by Dolk Lungren says it all for me...

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

1975 Converse All-Stars Commercial

The Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker by Converse, gets a showcase here circa 1975. Done by a bunch of NBA lovin' footwear teens, it's almost like an early rap with it's "poem to the All-Stars". There are a lot of the elements that are familiar to us today in sneaker ad's in it's embryonic state here. And remember, Converse are like "limousines for the feet".

Nike Dunk SB High Mork & Mindy

Nanu-Nanu! The shoes are made in order to commemorate the TV series in the 70's that is called "Mork & Mindy" starring Robin Williams. It is scheluded to release in September. Here are a couple of pix of the maybe upcoming Mork and Mindy SB Dunk. This sample was designed by Prestigous out of ATL.

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Nike x NORT/SF “Stingray” Dunk High

These are the next pair of kicks I'm buying (actually I'm getting two or three size 13s). These NORT/Recon "Stingray's" will be part of the Nike Clerks pack will release very soon and will also feature a Nike Terra Hummara designed by TRUE another boutique located in San Fran. To find out the “on the inspiration behind the Clerks Pack Dunk High” check out the interview with Stash and Colin Miller.

Where, When, & Price: RECON x NIKE x NORT: SF Clerks Pack will be dropping @ RECON/NORT SF & NORT Berlin on Saturday, July 8th. And they will then drop @

RECON/NORT NY on Saturday, July 15.The NORT/Recon x Nike “Stingray” Dunks will release at NORT/Recon NYC on Saturday July 15th. Price is unknown at this time.


Nike July 2006 SB Dunk Releases

I'm not too excited about these two July releases. Come on Nike SB you can be more creative than this. Anyway... the top shoe a.k.a Wieger Dunk SB aka Piazza Dunk SB (my favorite of the two) was done by Wieger Van Wageningen. Wieger is a Dutch skater from Eindhoven, Holland and is going on 10 years of skatin’. As for the bottom shoe was by Liam Sean Martin and the colorway is Oil Green/International Blue

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New Nike White/Pastel Air Force 1 Sample

Here's a Air Force 1 sample I spotted on, they also show some Nike Dunk samples as well.

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Is Nike cornering BAPE's market?

The Air Force 1 line has recently given us what I like to call the "Fruit Series". The shoes include the Kiwi, Pixie, and just recently dropped the Citrus (shoes pictured below in reverse order). The Fruit Series are patent leather Air Force 1 lows that featuring bright colorways much like the Bape's Bapesta shoe. Being that BAPE's shoe line has stolen the Air Force 1 design (let's be real), does Nike have the right to strike back and what will that mean for BAPE?

I personally think that Nike is going to try to move in on Bape's market being that the concept is so popular to a niche market right now. Nike has given up there opportunity to file a lawsuit against Bape, maybe because Bape's forged shoe design shows compliment and sets the Air Force 1 line as a benchmark (or a starting point depending on your p.o.v.) in this fast-paced sneaker game. There will be a handful of knock-offs, however there is only one Air Force 1, but how long will that last?

On the other end of the spectrum Bape has opened up a new market that Nike didn't see as a market to folks who either are tired of tradition colorways+material and/or just want to be different thus stand out from the crowd. Nike can either (1) totally going to ignore Bape like Microsoft did with Internet in the early 90's and play catch-up later on down the line, (2) looking at it as a fad Nike will let Bape lead that market while it piggybacks a little until is disappears (the "fad" that is), or (3) being that they are Nike they can take over that market by aligning and consulting themselves with the right people, like they did with Nike SB.

Overall there is enough room in the national and global market for all the sneaker companies in existence to do well in design and in profits. Smaller shoe companies like Bape and Greedy Genius keep the sneaker Goliath's on their toes by raising the bar, and most importantly they boost innovation while keeping it sleek, street, and sexy which is key in clothing and footwear game. PEACE!!!


Nike Air Force 1 Premium Purple/White

Looks like Nike is biting off the biters with this BAPE-style patent leather and colorway... Get'em boy!

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

2007 Air Jordan III (3) Retro (136064-161, 315296-142, ??????-???)

When I first laid eyes on the first photos of these shoes I knew I wanted them (especially the Fire Red pair) and honestly I'm not even an Air Jordan fan. Here are some photos taken by ShadyGroc at ISSforums. The shoes are going to retail for $125 and the release of the Cool Grey is still unknown, however the other two will drop March 24, 2007 -- I can't wait!

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03/24/2007 Air Jordan III Retro (Air Jordan 3)
136064-161 White/Black-Fire Red

03/24/2007 Air Jordan III Retro (Air Jordan 3)
315296-142 White/Carolina Blue

///??/2007 Air Jordan III Retro (Air Jordan 3)
??????-??? Cool Grey

Air Force 1's Released July 1, 2006

Air Force 1 Low LE
313642-131 white/pine green

Air Force 1 Low LE
313642-141 white/varsity royal

Air Force 1 Low Supreme (limited release to urban accounts & niketowns only)
313644-411 midnight navy/white

Air Force 1 Low Premium UTT Clowns Untold Truth Pack (limited release to urban accounts & niketowns only)
314229-461 midnight navy/varsity red-sail-net

Air Force 1 Low Premium Citrus
312945-xxx orange blaze/citrus-lime

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nike Air Force 1 Quickstrike Negro League Ethiopian Clowns (314229-461)

This is the 2nd uptown release of the Untold Truth Negro League Pack dubbed the "Ethiopian Clowns". A very unique shoe & a true collectors item for years to come!! As for the clown face it stands out a bit more than it had before and they really did a good job on the stitching, the embroidery. To top it off Nike uses soft leather and the insoles are different than the average Nike sole and lastly the tongue has the Ethiopian Clown's team logo on it as well.

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Nike 2007 Kobe Air Force 1 (315095-221)

Even though Nike has just reported profit loss last quarter, they are reported to be excited about their 25th Anniversary of their Air Force 1 line. These Kobe Air Force 1s are one of the shoes they're referring to. These Kobe's are part of the 'Supreme' pack will be limited (of course) and will feature a clear midsole and may come with a dog tag with Kobe's image on it. The retail price is about 30,000 Yen, which is approx $260 USD.

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Nike WOMENS Air Force I Low Clear/Light Iris-Ice Blue

These are straight fire! Based on what is stated on these Quickstrike releases are more limited than the Invisible Womans. They also say it was dropped in Houston on June 30th and stores were only carrying 10-15 pairs maximum.

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