Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Nike Tiero 0 (Zero) Blog!

Hello all! As you have noticed Sole Check hasn't been updated in a very long time. In recent times the sneaker market has become very cluttered and saturated. Now everyone is wearing the latest sneakers from crackheads to high positioned executives and its no longer an exclusive club such as it once was.

Anyway enough crying... what has been done to filter out some of the noise is hone in on a subset of Nike sneakers and "Tear's Hero Report" has been developed and will be updated continuously. It is a site giving you the latest info on ONLY Nike Tier 0 releases. Tier 0 releases are extremely limited, not inpossible to attain, and maintain that exclusive sneaker club feel. As stated before the site's posts will be as frequent as the info is released.

The site is dope, check it out... Tear's Hero Report and let me know what you think!

[ SOLE CHECK ] via Tear's Hero Report